Class 10 Biology Control and Coordination Reflex action

Reflex action

Reflex action is the extremely quick, automatic, sudden action in response to something in the environment.

Example- i) Immediately pulling back of fingers after touching a hot plate.

ii) Closing of eyes when flashed with high intensity light.

iii) Salivation when hungry.

  • Reflex arc is the pathway of nerve involved in reflex action.
  • Reflex arc involves-
  • Receptors- receive the message from external environment.
  • Sensory neuron- carries the message from the receptor to the central nervous system.
  • Central nervous system- processes the message and sends impulses to the concerned part of the body in the form of response.
  • Motor neuron- carries the message from the central nervous system to the effector.
  • Effector- responses against the stimulus.

Fig. Reflex arc involved in reflex action  

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