Class 10 Biology Heredity and Evolution Introduction


Heredity is the passing of traits from parents/ancestors to offspring. Heredity occurs through inheritance of genes. Biological inheritance is what is related to heredity.

Study of heredity is termed as Genetics.

Inheritance from a previous generation provides a common basic body design and few changes in it for the next generation. A trait that is genetically passed down from one generation to another is termed as ‘Inherited trait’.

Some of the common examples of inherited traits are hair colour (Black, brown, red etc.), eye colour(Black, brown, blue), height (tall, short), Ear lobes (free, attached)

You might be wondering how exactly the traits get inherited. To answer this, we will have to look at Mendelian Inheritance in Genetics.

The terms Heredity and Inheritance often sound similar; but they are not the same. Heredity refers to the passing off traits through genes from generation to the next. Whereas, the term Inheritance refers to the passing of property, rights etc.. on death of one generation to the next.

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