Class 10 Physics Electricity Electricity and a few terminologies

Electricity and a few terminologies

Electricityis a controllable form of energy used to run a variety of electrical and electronic equipment like fan, bulb, tv, radio etc.

  • Electrical appliances convert the electricity directly into heat, light or motion whereas electronic appliances have micro-chips that take electricity and convert it into endless useful things (display picture on TV, play songs on radio etc.) and not just simple heat, light or motion.

  • When electric charge flows through a conductor (like a metallic wire), it is said that the conductor has electric current.
  • Electric current, generated by cells or batteries inside a torch, makes the torch glow.
  • A switch is a conducting path between cells and the bulb. An ON switch makes the bulb glow whereas an OFF switch puts it in non-glowing state.
  • An electric circuit is a complete and continuous path for electric current. Current does not flow when the path is broken. A switch makes and breaks the circuit inside a torch.

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