Class 11 Chemistry Organic Chemistry Introduction


As we know, we come across different types of compounds in nature. Some are man-made. Out of them, organic compounds also form one of the categories.


They are of mainly two types

  • Inorganic: Obtained from Mineral.

(b) Organic: Obtained from plants and animal.

Organic compounds

  • They play a vital role in our life.
  • They constitute our body, our diet, our medicine etc.
  • Earlier, it was thought the has made organic compounds are not possible.
  • Later, it was seen that preparation of these compounds are possible. Almost 95% of organic compound are manmade (prepared in laboratory).

Friedrich Wohler: -He gave a blow to vital force theory, as he accidently prepared organic compound in laboratory: -



Organic compound is mainly formed of Carbon. They may be called as Hydrocarbon (compound of Carbon &Hydrogen). In some compounds, Hydrogen is replaced by other elements like N, S etc. Therefore, we can define “Organic Chemistry is study of Hydrocarbon & their derivatives”.

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