Class 11 Chemistry The P Block Elements Introduction

Introduction of p- block


  • P block is present at extreme right of periodic table.
  • It has general electronic configuration ns2np1-6.
  • It includes solids, liquids and gases.
  • The elements of this group are metal, non- metal and metalloids.
  • If we move along period in periodic table, non-metallic character increases and if we move down the group, the non-metallic character decreases.
  • In this group: As we move down, the lower oxidation state becomes more stable due to” Inert pair effect.”

Inert pair effect : It is “reluctance in the participation of s electrons in bond formation due to poor shielding effect by d and f orbital .As a result, s electrons are tightly bounded .

1st member is different from its congeners due to:

  • Small size
  • Highest ionization energy.
  • High electro-negativity.
  • No vacant d orbital.
  • They show maximum co-valence of 4 because of no vacant d orbital.
  • First member also has tendency to form multiple bonds because in them p can takes place (because of its small size) .

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