Class 11 Maths Mathematical Reasoning Statement


A sentence is called a mathematically acceptable statement if it is either true or false . Eg

  • Two plus two equals five. FALSE - Statement
  • The sum of two positive numbers is positive. TRUE : Statement
  • Girls are smarter than boys. Debatable: Not a statement
  • Mathematics is fun. Debatable: Not a statement
  • ExamFear is a good educational website. Debatable: Not a statement



The denial of a statement is called the negation of the statement. It is false that XXXX.

Statement: Three plus two is Five

Negation : <It is false that Three plus two is Five > 

                                 Three plus Two is not Five

Statement: Everyone in India peaks  Hindi

Negation: < It is false that Everyone in India peaks  Hindi  >

                      Not Everyone in India speaks Hindi

Statement: India is a democratic country

Negation : <It is false that India is a democratic country>

                                  India is not a democratic country


Property of Negation of Statement: If p is a statement, then the negation of p is also a statement and is denoted by ∼ p.

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