Class 11 Physics Physical World Science and its origin

Science and its origin

Science is a systematic understanding of natural phenomena in detail so that it can be predicted, controlled and modified. Science involves exploring, experimenting and speculating phenomena happening around us.

  • The word Science is derived from a latin verb Scientiameaning ‘to know’.
  • Scientific method is a way to gain knowledge in a systematic and in-depth way. It involves:
    • Systematic observations
    • Controlled experiments
    • Qualitative and Quantitative reasoning
    • Mathematical modeling
    • Prediction and verification (or falsification) of theories
    • Speculation or Prediction
  • Science does not have any final theory. The improved observations, accurate tools keep improving the knowledge and perspective. Johannes Kepler used Tycho Brahe’s research on planetary motion to improve Nicolas Copernicus theory.
  • Quantum mechanics was developed to deal with atomic and nuclear phenomena. Work of Ernest Rutherford on nuclear model of atom became basis of quantum theory given by Niels Bohr. Antiparticle theory of Paul Dirac led to the discovery of antielectron (positron) by Carl Anderson.

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