Class 11 Physics Physical World Macroscopic Domain

Macroscopic Domain

Macroscopic domain includes phenomena at large scales like laboratory, terrestrial and astronomical. It includes following subjects:

  • Mechanics – It is based on Newton’s laws on motion and the laws of gravitation. It is concerned with motion/equilibrium of particles, rigid and deformable bodies and general system of particles. Examples,
    • Propulsion of rocket by ejecting gases
    • Water/Sound waves
    • Equilibrium of bent rod under a load

  • Electrodynamics – It deals with electric and magnetic phenomena associated with charged and magnetic bodies. Examples,
    • motion of a current-carrying conductor in a magnetic field
    • the response of a circuit to an ac voltage (signal)
    • the propagation of radio waves in the ionosphere

  • Optics – It deals with phenomena involving light. Examples,
    • Reflection and refraction of light
    • Dispersion of light through a prism
    • Colour exhibited by thin films

  • Thermodynamics – It deals with systems in macroscopic equilibrium and changes in internal energy, temperature, entropy etc. of systems under application of external force or heat. Examples,
    • Efficiency of heat engines
    • Direction of physical and chemical process

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