Class 11 Physics Waves Introduction


In this chapter we will see the importance of waves in our life.

We will also study about the different properties of waves, some terms related to waves and also about different types of waves.We will also learn how waves propagate.

For example: -

  1. Medium required by the waves to travel from one point to another:-
    • Consider a boy holding a thread and one end of thread is tied to the wall.
    • When a boy moves the thread, the thread moves in the form of a wave.


  • Similarly a boat sailing over the sea,the boat is able to move because of waves.
  • The ripples formed in a lake when we drop a stone in the lake.They are also waves.
  • Earthquakes are caused due to the waves under the surface of the earth.
  • The strings of the guitar when we play them are also waves again.
  • Music system which we use to hear songs.This is due to sound waves.
  • When 2 people talk they are able to hear each other because of the sound waves.

In the below Picture we can see waves need a medium to propagate.


  1. Medium not required by some type of waves to move from one point to another:-
  • TV remote waves play important part.
  • Satelliteshelp ustouseTV, mobile phones, music system, the sun, the traffic lights, microwave,x-rays.

Some type of waves can propagate from one point to another without any medium.

  1. Waves which are related to matter:-
  • There are some set of waves which are inside the matter.
  • For example: - whole of universe.


Waves propagating inside the matter

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