Class 12 Biology Human Reproduction Introduction


Human beings are sexually reproducing organisms and are viviparous.

Fig. sexual reproduction in human gives rise to off springs of their own type  

The events of sexual reproduction in human beings are-

  1. Gametogenesis- the process of formation of gametes is called as gametogenesis.
  2. Insemination- the process of transfer of sperms into the ovum is called insemination.
  3. Fertilization- the process of fusion of male and female gamete to form a single celled zygote is called fertilization.
  4. Implantation- the process of attachment of embryo to the endometrial wall of uterus of female is called implantation.
  5. Gestation- the period of embryonic developmentis called gestation, also referred as
  6. Parturition- the process of delivery of the baby is called parturition.

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