Class 12 Chemistry Alcohols Phenols Ethers Isomerism in alcohols

Isomerism  in alcohols                                                

Isomerism in alcohols: They basically show

  • Position isomerism
  • Chain isomerism
  • Functional isomerism
  • Optical isomerism

Position: In this the position of –OH group changes.



    (2-propanol)          (Propanol)                                                                   

CHAIN ISOMERISM: In this the number of carbon atom in parent chain is going to be different.                



Functional isomerism: they are functional isomer of alcohol & ether   

Example:   CH3CH2CH2OH and CH3CH2O CH3 are functional isomers

                       (Propanol)             (Methoxy ethane)

Optical Isomerism: they also show optical isomerism but there should be a chiral centre

Like: in the given molecule of alcohol



   (In this there is the chiral centre marked as C* as it has different groups attached to it).

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