Class 12 Chemistry Aldehydes Ketones Acids Methods of preparation

Methods of preparation

There are different methods for their preparation

  1. Common Methods for both aldehyde and ketones
  2. Preparation for Only aldehydes
  3. Preparation for Only Ketones


1. From alcohols

  1. Oxidation of alcohols: It is prepared from oxidation of alcohols using Oxidising agents  like K2Cr2O7 , Na2Cr2O7 , PCC , collins reagent (Cro3 + pyridine). All of them are good oxidising agents. So, we need to poison in order to stop it at aldehydic stage.



 (From tertiary alcohol ) : We can’t get aldehyde from tertiary alcihols as there is no alpha hydrogen present. So ,in this case we get alkene.

  • If we have cyclohex – 2 ene –1ol



b.Dehydrogenation of alcohols –  Cu (573k)




  • Distillation of calcium salts of acids


  • From hydrocarbons :
  • By acid hydration of alkynes


  •  Ozonolysis of alkenes


  •   From gem dihalide




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