Class 12 Chemistry Aldehydes Ketones Acids Methods for preparing only aldehydes

Methods for preparing only  aldehydes

From acid chlorides - Rosenmund reaction



Drawback – Formaldehyde can’t be prepard by this method : formyl chloride H – COCl  is unstable .Aldehydes can be further reduced to alcohol. So, in order to stop it at aldehyde stage we have to poison it.


2.From reduction of alkyl cyanides – known as Stephen’s reduction (use of SnCl2)


This can also be occur in presence of other reducing agent like  – DIBAL. (Disobutyl aluminiun hydride ).It is used  for long chain nitrils.


2.Oxidation reaction – from hydrocarbons

  •  Oxidation of methyl benzene


  •      Use of chromyl chloride - Etard reaction


  •  Side chain chlorination followed by hydrolysis


  • Gatterman kosh reaction



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