Class 12 Chemistry Aldehydes Ketones Acids Physical properties of aldehydes and ketones

Physical properties of aldehydes and ketones :

  • Lower members have unpleasent smell and up to 11 members they are liquids.
  • Solubility : Aldehydes are more polar in nature.As we know, in ketones two alkyl groups are present. So, if electron density on carbon increases, the polarity of bond decreases, due to +I effect .

Therefore, solubililty of aldehyde is more as they have more tendency to form hydrogen bonds .As number of carbon atoms increase, the solubility decrease because of non polar nature .

  • Boiling points : Boiling point is always more for polar compounds .
  • ketones have higher boiling points than aldehyde because of more polarity .
  • Their boiling point is always lower than alcohols and carboxylic acids because they are less polar then them .
  • In aldehydes and ketones, dipole dipole interactions are comparitively less .

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