Class 12 Chemistry Aldehydes Ketones Acids Chemical properties of Aldehydes and Ketones
  • Reduction of Aldehyde and Ketone

       The major product on reduction is alcohol.

  • Aldehyde gives primary alcohol.
  • Ketones give secondary alcohol.

Major Oxidising agents can be used like Ni , Pt , LiALH4, NaBH4 etc. Out of them , LiALH4is the strongest one .The reaction that occurs is given below:


  • Reduction to HC’s
  •  Clemenson reduction – In this ,we take aldehyde and use Zinc in presence of HCl or Zn / Hg amalgam in HCl. The reaction involved is:


  • Wolf kishner reduction: In this aldehyde is reacted with hydrazine as shown below :


  • For aromatic ketones



  • By action of red phosphorous on HI we get, hydrocarbons [ temperature 423 – 473k] as shown below:


  • Reduction to Pinacol – For this ,we take 2 moles of acetone and reduce them as shown:


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