Class 12 Chemistry Amines Introduction


  • Amines constitute an important class of organic compounds derived by replacing one or more hydrogen atoms of ammonia molecule by alkyl/aryl group(s).
  • In nature, they occur among proteins, vitamins, alkaloids and hormones.
  • Amines have lot of importance in our day to day life.
  • For example:-
    • Polymers, dyestuffs and drugs contain amines.
    • Two biologically active compounds, namely adrenaline and ephedrine, both containing secondary amino group, are used to increase blood pressure.
    • Novocain, a synthetic amino compound, is used as an anaesthetic in dentistry.
    • Benadryl, a well-known antihistaminic drug also contains tertiary amino group.
    • Quaternary ammonium salts are used as surfactants. Diazonium salts are intermediates in the preparation of a variety of aromatic compounds including dyes.


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