Class 12 Chemistry Coordination Compounds Double salts

Double salts

Double salt is the association of many substances or we can say they mainly contain two salts in equimolar concentration.

  1. like Mohr’s salt FeSO4.(NH4)2SO6H2O
  2. Potash alum K2SOAl2 (SO4)3.24H2O etc.

 In coordination compound once the compound is formed its ions than the compound as a whole do not lose its identity but when dissolved in water they show different properties whereas in case of double salts they don’t show different properties but looses their identity in water

{Co(NH3)6}Cl3à Co(NH3)6 + 3Cl (coordination compound in water )

FeSO4.(NH4)2SO4.6H2OàFe2+ ,NH4+,SO42-,H+,OH- ions (double salt in water )

  • Coordination compounds exist in solid as well as aqueous state whereas the double salts exist in solid state and in aqueous state they dissociate into ions .
  • The coordination compounds exist in extended octet whereas in double salts they exist in their own valances.

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