Class 12 Chemistry Isolation of Elements Occurrence of Metals

Occurrence of Metals

  • Earth crust is the source of many elements. Out of these elements, 70% are metals. Aluminium is the most abundant metal of earth crust and iron comes second.
  • The percentage of different elements in earth crust is:-
  • O-49%, Si-26%, Al-7.5%, Fe-4.2%, Ca-3.2%, Na-2.4%, K-2.3%, Mg-2.3%, H-l%
    • Metals occur in two forms in nature:-
  • In native state
  • In combined state, depending upon their chemical reactivities.

Native State

Elements which have low chemical reactivity or noble metals having least electropositive character are not attacked by oxygen, moisture and CO2 of the air. These elements, therefore, occur in the Free State or in the native state, e.g., Au, Ag, Pt, S, O, N, noble gases, etc.

Combined State

Highly reactive elements such as F, CI, Na, K, etc., occur in nature combined form as their compounds such as oxides, carbonates sulphides, halides, etc.

Hydrogen is the only non-metal which exists in oxidised form only.



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