Class 12 Chemistry Polymers Co Polymerization

Co Polymerization

  1. Copolymerisation is a polymerisation reaction in which a mixture of more than one monomeric species is allowed to polymerise and form a copolymer.
  2. The copolymer can be made not only by chain growth polymerisation but by step growth polymerisation also.
  3. It contains multiple units of each monomer used in the same polymeric chain.
  4. For example:-a mixture of 1, 3 – butadiene and styrene can form a copolymer.
  5. Copolymers have properties quite different from homopolymers.
  6. For example: - butadiene - styrene copolymer is quite tough and is a good substitute for natural rubber.
  7. It is used for the manufacture of auto tyres, floor tiles, footwear components, cable insulation, etc.



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