Class 12 Chemistry Polymers Biodegradable Polymers

Biodegradable Polymers

  • A large number of polymers are quite resistant to the environmental degradation processes and are thus responsible for the accumulation of polymeric solid waste materials.
  • Aliphatic polyesters are one of the important classes of biodegradable polymers.
  •  Some important examples are given below:
  1. Poly β-hydroxybutyrate – co-β-hydroxy valerate (PHBV)
  • It is obtained by the copolymerisation of 3-hydroxybutanoic acid and

3 - Hydroxypentanoic acid.  

  • PHBV is used in speciality packaging, orthopaedic devices and in controlled release of drugs. PHBV undergoes bacterial degradation in the environment.


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