Class 12 Chemistry The Solid State Introduction


Everything in our surroundings is known as matter that can be categorized into three states.

In our day to day life solids plays a crucial role to pursue different purposes. Different types of solids with different properties are required for different purposes. The constituent particles and the type of bonds between the particles determine the nature of a specific solid. For eg. Bucket or a container used to carry water, utensils used for cooking food, computer, vehicles, electronic gadgets, notebooks, pencils, papers etc. are all solid substances used in our day to day life.

Liquids and gases on the other hand are another state of matter and are also known as fluids due to their ability to flow. They attain the ability to flow due to the free movement of molecules.

Fig. Particles of liquid (water) are loosely packed than solid and have space between them whereas particles of gas are loosely packed and have excess space between the particles

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