Class 12 Maths Matrices Matrices


It is a mode of representing Data to ease calculation.



It is used in the field of Computer Science, Geometry, Finance, Science etc

A matrix is an ordered rectangular array of numbers or functions. The numbers or functions are called the elements or the entries of the matrix.

The horizontal lines of elements are said to constitute, rows of the matrix and the vertical lines of elements are said to constitute, columns of the matrix.

A matrix having m rows & n columns is called a matrix of order m × n or simply m × n matrix

General representation of Matrices m xn is


Numerical: Consider the following information regarding the number of men and women workers in three factories I, II and III.  Represent the information in form of a 3 × 2 matrix. What does the entry in the third row and second column represent







Solution: Since this Matrix has 3 rows & 4 columns, the order is 3 x 4.

Using the convention

A13 = 19 , A21 = 35 ,  A33 =  -5 , A24 = 12 , A23 = 5/2

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