Class 12 Maths Vector Algebra Introduction


In this chapter we will come to know about some interesting facts of vectors and how they are used in our day-to-day life.

Following are some examples where vectors are used.

  • Motion of aeroplane is based on the concept of vectors. When the motion of the aeroplane is considered both speed and in which direction it flies in the sky is also taken into account.

  • The landing instructions which a pilot receives  from air traffic controller.
  • Suppose when  a  ball  is  thrown  let it be thrown with some speed (for e.g.:-5m/s) and the direction in which it is thrown is let north-east .This shows we are considering a vector as the ball has both speed and direction. 

  • Vectors are to derive results in engineering and science. Fluid mechanics, static, Electrical Engineering etc.
  • In game  of  cricket  the  bowler  bowls  the ball with some  speed  and  in  some direction  and  also  the  batsman  hits  the  ball with  some  speed  and  in particular direction. So the  concept  of  vectors  is involved

  • A motor can be either used for pumping water or in a car. Motors work on the principle of torque which is a vector quantity.

  • In the  game  of  carom board  the striker is  hit with  some  speed  and  in some direction.

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