Class 12 Physics Alternating Current Introduction


  • In this chapter we will study about the alternating current and their applications in our day-to-day life.
  • Some of the applications of Alternating currents which can be seen in our day to day life are :- Radio, refrigerators, television, transformers, power transmission stations (which supply power in our houses), in cars etc.
  • We will also try to understand the implementation of AC  in all the electronic appliances  which we use.


In Radio, Tuner circuit plays very important role. The tuner circuit uses LC circuit, which is same as AC circuit

In TV sets, small transisitors are used to regulate the voltage, so that TV is not harmed during voltage fluctuations

Refrigerator has inbuilt stabalizer to regulate the voltage

Most Appliances in our house use AC power supply

Voltage transmission over long distance is very important application of AC, this can't be done with DC

Accelerators are used in the cars to charge the battery. Accelerators are application of AC

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