Class 12 Physics Electromagnetic Induction Introduction


  • The phenomenon in which electric current is generated by varying magnetic fields is appropriately called electromagnetic induction.
  • Electromagnetic induction is very cost-effective.
  • Wireless charging phenomenon is possible due to electromagnetic induction.
  • Electromagnetic Induction name suggests it is related with electricity,magnetism and induction.
  • Induction means to induce something or to generate something.
  • Therefore electromagnetic induction means induction of electric current due to magnetic field.
  • We will see how the experiments performed by Faraday and Henry led to the development of modern day generators and transformers.
  • We will also study that the magnetic field is capable of producing current in the conductor.


  1. Pan getting heated up without burning the paper. Heat which is getting transferred is due to induced current. More the amount of current induced, more is the amount of heat dissipated.

  1. By Changing the orientation of coil wrt the magnetic fields able to induced current in generators or motors

  1. Eddy current acting on the wheel of the train

  1. Torch not using cell: It has solenoid where current can be induced by the change in magnetic field as there is a magnet inside it

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