Class 12 Physics Electromagnetic Induction Faradays Experiment 1

Faraday’s Experiment 1

  • One of the scientists Faraday performed series of experiments and based on the results he gave law on induction.
  • He introduced the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. 
  • Induction means to induce or to generate something.
  • Electromagnetic Induction means production of electric current due to magnetic field.
  • Magnetic field is capable of producing current in a conductor.

Michael Faraday


  • Faraday took a coil and attached a galvanometer to it.
  • As there is no battery attached therefore there is no source of current.
  • He brought the magnet near the coil.
  • When the magnet is moved towards the coil galvanometer showed deflection.
  • Galvanometer even showed the deflection in the opposite direction when the magnet is taken away from the coil.
  • When magnet was not moved there was no deflection in the galvanometer.
  • This show current is related to magnet.
  • Faster the magnet is moved the more is the deflection in the galvanometer.This showed more and more current flows if the magnet is moved very fast.
  • Same effect was observed if the coil is moved and the magnet was not moved.


  • Relative motion between magnet and coil induced electric current in the coil.


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