Class 12 Physics Electromagnetic Induction Faradays Experiment 3

Faraday’s Experiment 3

  • In this experiment he wanted to prove whether the relative motion between the 2 coils is essential for the induction of current.
  • In this case he took a coil, one more coil attached with a battery.
  • When the circuit was open there was no current flowing through the coil.
  • But as soon as the circuit was switched on there was deflection in the galvanometer.
  • When the circuit was on continuously for longer period of time there was no current.
  • When the circuit is switched off there was a deflection in the galvanometer in the opposite direction.
  • And if the circuit is switched off for long time there was no deflection in the galvanometer.
  • He observed that the galvanometer showed momentarily deflection only when the system was undergoing a change.


  • Relative motion is not an absolute requirement for inducing current.
  • There was induced current only when there is change in the system.
  • Based on these 3 experiments Faraday gave 3 laws of Induction.

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