Class 12 Physics Electromagnetic Induction Induction


Induction is defined as current production in the coil due to the change in magnetic flux in itself or another coil.

Types of Induction:-

  1. Self-induction-
  • There will be change in the magnetic flux in the coil itself because of which a current will be induced in itself.
  • It is denoted by L.


  1. Mutual induction-
  • There are 2 coils,if there is change in the magnetic flux in one coil then the magnetic field is induced in the second coil.
  • It is denoted by M.


  • Inductance is a quantity which measures the induction.
  • It is also called as Coefficient of induction.
  • Coefficient of inductionis about the ratio of current induced with respect to magnetic flux.
  • Flux through the coil Φ∝ I (current)
  • If there are N turns in the coil,
  • Total Flux is known as flux linkage NΦ∝ I=> NΦ =constant I
  • This constant of proportionality is known as Inductance.
  • It is a scalar quantity.
  • I. unit is Henry(H).
  • It depends on
    • Geometry of the coil.
    • Nature of the material on which it is wound.

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