Class 12 Physics Electromagnetic Waves Introduction


  • We will discuss about electromagnetic waves, their properties and characteristics, and also their practical uses in our day-to-day life.
  • One of the most important applications of electromagnetic wavesis in communication.
  • Some of the important applications of electromagnetic waves are:-
  1. We are able to see everything around us because of electromagnetic waves.
  2. It helps in aircraft navigation and helps the pilot for the smooth take-off and landing of aeroplanes.It also helps to calculate the speed of the aeroplane.
  3. In the medical field it has got very important applications. For example: - In laser eye surgery,in x-rays.
  4. In radio and television broadcasting signals.These signals are transmitted by electromagnetic waves.
  5. Electromagnetic waves helps in determining the speed of the passing vehicles.
  6. They are used in electronic appliances like T.V. remotes,remote cars,LED TV,microwave ovens etc.
  7. Voice transmission in mobile phones is possible because of electromagnetic waves.

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