Class 12 Physics Ray Optics Optical Instruments Introduction


  • We will try to learn what is light and also will try to understand some important phenomenon related to light and applications of optics in different optical instruments like microscope, telescope etc.
  • How the phenomenon of laws of reflection and refraction play important part in our day to day to life.
  • Light helps us to see all the objects around us. The entire phenomenon related to this we try a have a look on them.
  • Also try to understand why certain objects enhance properties of light more as compared to others.


  • What is Light?

    • Light is a form of energy which enables us to see things around us.
    • Light travels in straight path.
    • Speed of light is c =3 x 108m/s.
    • Light waves are the most common form of Electromagnetic waves.
    • Ray of light is the path of the light wave travelling from one point to another.
    • Beam of light is bunch of rays of light.

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