Class 6 Biology Body Movements Bones


  • Skeletal structure is composed of hard material which is made up of calcium called
  • In adult human body 206 bones are present of various shape and size according to there functions.

Various shape and functions of bones

  • If you breath in deeply you can feel with your hands the chest bone in front side which is joined to the number of small bones on the back side these small bones combinely called as backbone, which is helpful in bending front and back.
  • Bones which join the chest and the backbone is called ribs present left and right side of chest bone these were 12 pairs of ribs  these bones combinely called as rib cage.
  • It protects lungs and heart from any mechanical rear and tear.
  • If you will touch just below your stomach area you will find the presence of pelvic bone. This is the kind of bone you sit on.
  • The skull is the most hard and tough bone of our body which protects our brain from any mechanical injuries.




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