Class 6 Biology Garbage in Garbage Out Introduction


The term Garbage means “Waste Product”. This means the product, which is no longer of any use. We all collect garbage in our house in dustbins. In dustbin we keep all type of garbage together like tea leaves, diapers, dry leaves, milk polythene, food waste etc. In this collection of garbage, there is some part of waste which can be reused. So, we have to segregate the waste. In this chapter we will study how to tackle this garbage so that it will not harm our environment. If it harms our environment it will directly affect us.


Source of Garbage:

  • Domestic Waste

Examples: Kitchen waste, sewage, unnecessary things

  • Industrial Waste

Examples: Ashes, coal, paper, rubber waste

  • Community Waste

Examples: Hospital, offices, shops

  • Agricultural Waste

Examples: Husk, straw, fibers

  • Electronic Waste

Examples: broken computers, electronic goods


Classification of Waste:

We have classified the waste into two categories:

  • Biodegradable waste
  • Non Biodegradable Waste

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