Class 7 Biology Forests: Our Lifeline Characteristics of forest

Characteristics of forest

  • Plants release oxygen by photosynthesis to provide for animal respiration.


Fig. Photosynthesis 

  • Plants also maintain balance of oxygen and carbon di oxide in the atmosphere and so forests are called as green lungs.
  • Trees take water from soil and release water vapor in to the air through evaporation.


Fig. Evaporation

  • People of different tribes live in the forest and depend on forests for food, shelter, water and medicines.


Fig. Forest people 

  • The dense bushes and the tall grasses provide animals of the forests with food, shelter and from carnivores.
  • The animals in the forest disperse the seeds of certain plants and help in the regeneration of plants.
  • When it rains in the forest, the raindrops drip slowly over branches of the shrubs and herbs
  • Water do not stagnate in the forest and forest is a natural absorber of rain water which allows the rain water to seep and thus maintains the water table.
  • Forests absorb the noise of nearby highways and keep the surrounding areas cool because of heavy rainfall they receive.

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