Class 7 Biology Forests: Our Lifeline Noise pollution

Noise pollution

  • Noise pollution is undesired high level of sound.

Effects of noise pollution

  • Psychological and physiological disorders in humans.
  • High sound level, 150 dB or moredamage ear drums thus permanently impairing hearing ability..
  • Chronic exposure to a relatively lower noise level permanently damage hearing abilities of humans.
  • Causes sleeplessness, increased heart beating, altered breathing pattern.

Causes of noise pollution

  • Burning of crackers.
  • Transportation system.
  • Air craft and rail traffic.

Control of air pollution

  • Use of sound absorbent materials or by muffling noise.
  • Making horn-free zones around hospitals and schools
  • Using permissible sound-levels of crackers and of loudspeakers
  • Laying down timings after which loudspeakers cannot be played.


Fig. noise pollution

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