Class 7 Biology Forests: Our Lifeline Greenhouse effect and global warming

Greenhouse effect and global warming

  • The greenhouse effect is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is responsible for heating of Earth’s surface and atmosphere.
  • Carbon dioxide and methane are commonly known as greenhouse gases.
  • Greenhouse effect is important to increase the temperature which is essential for the organisms to live.
  • Due to the increase in the level of greenhouse gases the Earth gets heated which is known asGlobal warming.


Fig. greenhouse effect

  • Effects of global warming-
  1. Deleterious changes in the environment and resulting in odd climatic changes.
  2. Increased melting of polar ice caps as well as of other places like the Himalayan snow caps.
  • Rise in sea level that can submerge many coastal areas.
  1. Cutting down use of fossil fuel
  2. Improving efficiency of energy usage
  3. Reducing deforestation,
  • Planting trees and slowing down the growth of human population.

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