Class 7 Biology Forests: Our Lifeline Degradation by improper resource utilization and maintenance

Degradation by improper resource utilization and maintenance

  • The degradation of natural resources can occurby improper resource utilization practices such as
  1. Soil erosion and desertification
  2. Soil erosion is the removal of the top layer of the soil.
  3. Human activities such as over-cultivation, unrestricted grazing, deforestation and poor irrigation practices, results in arid patches of land which when extend and meet over time, a desert is created.


Fig. soil erosion 

  1. Waterlogging and soil salinity
  • Irrigation without proper drainage of water leads to waterlogging in the soil.
  1. Waterlogging draws salt to the surface of the soil which is then deposited as a thin crust on the land surface or starts collecting at the roots of the plants and damages the crop production.


Fig. water logging in the soil

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