Class 7 Biology Soil Introduction


Natural resources are the substances which come from natural environment and can exist without the action of mankind.

Fig. Green plants, our natural resource

Along with several natural resources such as rivers, mountains, plants, animals, minerals; soil is one of the most important natural resource.

Fig. soil  

Soil is important to us because-

  • It holds the root of the plants for support of the plant and root absorbs nutrient and water from soil for the growth of plants.

Fig. Soil holding the root of the plant  

  • Many macro and microorganisms live in the soil.

Fig. Organisms in the soil

  • Soil is required for agriculture and in turn agriculture provides food, cloth and shelter for all living organisms.

Fig. Agriculture in soil

  • Soil produces refreshing fragrance after first rain on the earth.

Fig. Rain on the soil

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