Class 7 Biology Water: A Precious Resource Introduction


  • Water, the precious resource of the earth is useful to all living organism for maintaining all life processes.
  • 22 March is celebrated as World Water Day.
  • World water day is celebrated to make everybody understand about the importance of water.
  • Water is important to all living organisms for maintaining all metabolic activities and daily activities.
  • Water is important to animals because water is needed for regulation of body temperature, growth, digestion, reproduction ,metabolism, excretion.
  • Water is also important because it an universal solvent.
  • Water provides habitat for various animals in the form of ponds, rivers, seas etc.
  • Water forms blood, lymph and other body fluids.
  • It transports all waste materials from all the cells to the kidney, skin and lungs for excretion.
  • In plants water maintains cell turgidity for structure and growth, transports nutrients throughout the plants, helps in photosynthesis, acts as a raw material of transpiration. 
  • 50 litres of water is recommended by United Nations required for daily activities.
  • One third of the people face water scarcity.

Fig. Water

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