Class 7 Maths Exponents and Powers Introduction


Writing, reading and comapring the smaller numbers are very easy as compare to larger numbers.                                     

Ex: 15, 100, 1250, 20000 are small number.

We can write, read and make comparison very easily.

But when we talk about larger number, it is very difficult to read, understand and compare.

Ex: Distance between Sun and Saturn is 1,433,500,000,000 m

and distance between Saturn and Uranus is 1,439,000,000,000 m.


These are very large numbers and also it is very difficult to read, write, understand and compare. If we delete one zero, the number will be changed. So, as the number becomes bigger, representation of the number become more complex.

To make these numbers easy to read, understand and compare, we use the concept of exponents.

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