Class 7 Maths Simple Equations Introduction


An equation is a statement of equality between two mathematical expressions containing one or more variables.

A lot of cases which involve real numbers and more complicated problems, the use of simple equations becomes very important. The following will help us in understanding how using simple equations can help in solving a problem.

For e.g.: The age of Rahul’s father is ten years older than thrice the present age of Rahul. What is Rahul’s age if his father’s age is 40?

Firstly a variable is assigned.

Let the present age of Rahul be “x” years.

Now, father’s age is ten years more than thrice of rahul’s age. So we get:

Father’s age = 10+ 3x

Father’s age is given as 40. Therefore we can equate and get:

10 + 3x = 40

Now this is called a simple equation. This equation can simplify problems and help us finding the age of Rahul’s father by just substituting Rahul’s age in place of x.

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