Class 8 Chemistry Coal and Petroleum Resources


Nature facilitates us with the facilities that are necessary to lead a comfortable life. We are facilitated with the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food, sunlight, minerals, etc. by the nature. These are termed as resources. They can be classified as natural as well as man-made.

Natural resources

These resources are provided by the nature. These resources include air, water, energy, sunlight etc. and are derived from land, soil, animals, water and mines.

Man- made resources

These resources on the other hand are created by the activities of human beings. The resources facilitated by the nature come into use only when they undergo several processing developed by human advancements and technology.

For instance, the natural wind is of no use until they are processed to get wind energy with the help of wind mills.

Now the natural resources can be further categorised into two types- Inexhaustible and exhaustible natural resources as discussed in the topics below.


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