Class 8 Chemistry Combustion and Flame Introduction


We all need fire to carry out almost all of the chores in our day to day life. We light candles in case of power cut to get heat and light. We also burn wood to conduct bonfire. In all of these cases the substances undergoes burning to give off heat and light. Liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas, petrol, diesel, coal, kerosene etc. are some of the substances that undergoes combustion to give off heat and light. We will discuss the phenomenon of combustion and its related terms below.


On the occasion of Holi, people ignite Bonfires. In it dry woods are ignited and they start burning giving off heat and light. In this process as soon as the woods are ignited the wood catches fire and burns with the help of atmospheric oxygen. This kind of chemical phenomena in which a substance reacts with atmospheric oxygen to give off heat and light is termed as combustion.

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