Class 9 Chemistry Is Matter Around Us Pure Elements


  • An element is a substance which cannot be spilt up into two or simpler substances by the means of chemical methods of applying heat, light or electric energy.
    • For Example: - Hydrogen is an element which cannot be split into two or more simpler substances.
  • An element cannot be split into two (or more) simpler substances because it is made up of only one kind of atom.
  • Therefore, Element can also be defined as: - An substance which is made up of only one kind of atoms.
  • For Example: - Copper metal is made up of only one kind of atoms called “copper atoms”.
  • There are 118 elements known till now, out of which 94 elements occur in nature while remaining 24 are prepared artificially.
  • Examples: - Helium, Carbon, Helium etc.
  • Elements can be solids, gases or liquids.
  • In this world all the materials are made up of one or more elements even our human body is made up of combination of certain elements.


Gold Bar consists of Gold elements

  • Note:- All the elements can be divided into 3 groups:-
  1. Metals
  2. A metal is an element that is malleable, ductile and conducts electricity.
  3. For example: - Iron, copper, Zinc etc.


  1. Non-Metals
  2. A non-metal is an element that is neither malleable nor ductile and does not conduct electricity.
  3. For Example: - Carbon, Sulphur, Phosphorous etc.


  1. Metalloids
  2. The elements that show some properties of metals and some properties of non-metals are called metalloids.
  3. For Example: - Boron, Silicon etc.

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