Class 9 Chemistry Is Matter Around Us Pure Solutions


  • A solution is a homogeneous mixture of two (or more substances).
  • A homogeneous mixture means that the mixture is just the same throughout.
  • For examples: - Salt solutions, Sugar solutions, Air, Soda water etc.
  • Only soluble substances form true


Properties of Solutions

  1. A solution is a homogeneous mixture.
  2. The particles of a solution are smaller than 1 nm (10-9 metre) in diameter. So, they cannot be seen by naked eyes.
  3. Because of very small particle size, they do not scatter a beam of light passing through the solution. So, the path of light is not visible in a solution.
  4. The solute particles cannot be separated from the mixture by the process of filtration. The solute particles do not settle down when left undisturbed, that is, a solution is stable.
  5. A true solution does not scatter light.

Important Note:-

  • A solution has a solvent and a solute as its components.
  • The component of the solution that dissolves the other component in it (usually the component present in larger amount) is called the solvent.
  • The substance which is dissolved in a liquid to make a solution is called solute.

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