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Separation of Mixture of two Solids

  • Following are the methods used to separate two solid substances
  1. By using a suitable solvent
  2. By the process of sublimation
  3. By using a magnet


  1. By using a suitable solvent
  • A mixture of sugar and sand can be separated by using water as a solvent.
  • Sugar is soluble in water whereas sand is insoluble in water. This difference in the solubilities of sugar and sand in water is used to separate them.
  1. Separation by Sublimation
  • The changing of a solid directly into vapours on heating, and of vapours into solid on cooling is called as sublimation.
  • The solid which undergoes sublimation is called as “sublime”.
  • The process of sublimation is used to separate those substances from a mixture which sublime on heating.
  • The solid substance obtained by cooling the vapours is known as “sublimate”.
  • For example: - Ammonium chloride, iodine, camphor, naphthalene etc. sublime on heating and can be recovered in the form of a sublimate by cooling into vapours.
  • Most of the substances do not undergo sublimation.


Separation of ammonium chloride and salt by sublimation.

  1. Separation by Magnet
  • If a mixture contains iron as one of the constituents, it can be separated by using a magnet.
  • For Example: - A mixture of iron fillings and sulphur powder can be separated by using a magnet. The iron fillings will get attracted to the magnet and sulphur won’t.

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