Class 9 Chemistry Matter In Our Surroundings Introduction


Everything in our surroundings are known as matter. They may be the food we eat, the vehicles, the gadgets, the day to day materials that we use, the air we breathe or the water that we drink. All of these things occupy some space and have mass and volume. For instance, in classrooms the benches that the students use to sit occupy, some space of the classroom. They have mass and volume and hence they can be regarded as matter.

According to the Indian philosophers matter can classified into five primitive elements. They are also known as Pancha Tatva- air, soil, fire, and water. Every living or non-living is made up these five primitive elements.

In this cartoon the bench is made of wood that comes from trees grown in soil in the presence of air. It requires heat, water for production. Therefore every matter directly or indirectly is made of Pancha Tatva.

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