Class 9 Maths Coordinate Geometry Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate Geometry

Geometry helps to describe the dimensions of a object, but fails to explain the position of the object. Coordinate Geometry helps in explain the position of any object or point. Coordinate Geometry is the geometry of co-ordinates, it providers a connection between algebra and geometry through graphs.  It made geometry quantitative & permitted the use of algebra methods in geometry. Coordinate means Points on a graph.


Coordinate Geometry in Simple words:

  1. We use street number & house number to locate any house. Here street number & house number are coordinates
  2. A teacher wants to locate a student in her class. She can locate based on Row & column as shown in Image below. Here Row & column number are coordinates.
  3. To locate a point on a paper, we will have to find out the distance of point from the edges.


Coordinate geometry is used in the field of economics, aerospace, weather  forecasting, air navigation ,architecture, chemistry, bio science etc.


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