Class 9 Maths Statistics Introduction


Statistics is the science of average & estimates.  It is the study of collection, analysis, interpretation & Organization of data for specific purpose. We take decision with that data.


Data: Everyday, we come across a wide variety of information in the form of facts, numerical figure, table groups etc. Eg: Information related to profit/ loss of a company, average cricket score for a country, Government expenditure in various sector in a given year, election results, Disease vitality information, Movie collection etc. This information is generally provided by TV, magazine, radio, internet etc.  These facts or figure which is numerical or otherwise, collected with a definite purpose is called data. This word is derived by Latin word Datum

The biggest challenge with such a massive data around is how to organize this data to analyze it & get some meaningful information.  This extraction of meaningful information is studied in the branch of Statistics. Statistics word is derived from Latin word Status, meaning political state. In its origin, the statistics was simply the collection of data on different aspects of life of people, useful to the state or government. Over a period of time, its scope broadened & statistics included interpretation & drawing inference form the data.

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