English Grammar Noun Introduction


The name of a person, animal, place or a thing is called Noun.

Name of person not only includes names like Rohit, Adrija, Subhendu, etc. but also the words like teachers, doctors, engineers which describes the identification of particular person.

Name of animals like lion, tigers, elephants, etc. are all nouns.

Name of place includes names of cities, towns, states and countries, restaurants, famous monument, etc.

Similarly name of things like table, chair, rocket, television, tablet, phone, etc. are also noun.

Consider the following example:

  • Rama is going to visit Agra

In this example Rama is a noun as it is name of person, similiarly Agra is noun as it is name of place

  • Dr Sinha is a professor at Delhi College

In this example Dr Sinha is name of Person, Professor is name of profession ans Delhi College is name of place

  •  Piyu loves animals.

 In this example animal is a noun because it represents an identity of a particular class of organisms.

  • We went to Juhu Beach this Sunday.


Here Juhu Beach is name of place and Sunday is specific day of the week

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